prayer advantages

- May 04, 2018-

1, high construction efficiency - airless spray mechanization construction, efficiency is about 10 times the efficiency of the traditional artificial roller brush.

2, the wall coating uniform smooth, good texture - paint under high pressure atomized into fine particles, evenly distributed on the wall surface, in the wall to form a smooth, smooth, dense coating, brush and other traditional The quality of the high-quality wall coating that is not comparable to the method;

3, paint adhesion, extend the life of the coating - paint particles penetrated into the wall under the effect of high pressure, enhance the paint particles and the wall of the mechanical bite force, the coating is more dense, the coating life is longer.

4, high paint utilization rate - compared to brush and roller coating, airless spray on the scene without dipping material, will not leak first phenomenon, to avoid paint waste; and more traditional air spray is not Air spray is atomized paint instead of atomized air, so it will not cause the paint to fly around and cause waste. In the process of using the sprayer, the user encountered more than 90% of the failures caused by the sprayer, which was caused by incomplete cleaning after use, improper maintenance, or normal wear of the parts without timely replacement. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance training of the equipment is very important. The user must first read the random English manual and Chinese translation material carefully.