Putty sprayer features

- May 04, 2018-

First, the use of reliable performance Honda gasoline engine

Second, the unique hydraulic pump technology

1, gasoline engine power. Suitable for work places without power or voltage instability

2, especially suitable for large-scale engineering projects, SSP model is particularly suitable for handling high-viscosity materials

3, the unique buffer process hydraulic piston pump technology, making the plunger and seal life greatly extended

4, large inlet valve or priming device, strong suction force, especially suitable for high viscosity or even 100% solid content coating

5, large flow, can connect multiple guns at the same time, improve construction efficiency

6, special wear-resistant piston machine cylinder can withstand high abrasive coating

Third, indoor large-area coating such as: primer, latex paint, elastic paint, other water-based or oil-based paint

Fourth, the construction of fillers and fireproof materials

V. Exterior wall painting and roof painting

Sixth, basic protection engineering, underground base sealant coating

Seventh, thick slurry coating, asphalt coating

Eight, anti-corrosion protective coating (single, two-component primer and topcoat)

Nine, rich zinc coatings and coatings containing mica