Sprayer Features

- May 04, 2018-

A. The quality of the paint film is good, the coating is smooth and delicate, and it has no brush marks. It atomizes the paint into small fine particles and evenly distributes it on the surface of the wall so that the latex paint forms a smooth, smooth and dense coating on the wall surface. There are no traces of brush marks and rolling marks. This is a brush and roll. The original method cannot be compared.

B. High coating efficiency. One-man operation spraying efficiency up to 200-500 square meters / hour, is 10-15 times the manual brushing.

C, good adhesion, long coating life. It uses high-pressure jet to make the atomized paint particles get powerful kinetic energy; paint particles will use this kinetic energy to shoot into the pores to make the paint film denser, thereby enhancing the mechanical bite force of the paint film and the wall surface and improving the coating adhesion. , effectively extending the life of the coating.

D, uniform film thickness, high paint utilization. The thickness of the artificial brush roller is extremely uneven, generally in the range of 30-250 μm, and the utilization of the coating is low; and the coating with a thickness of 30 μm is easily obtained by airless spraying.

E. Easy to reach corners and gaps. Due to the use of high-pressure airless spray, the paint spray does not contain air, and the paint can easily reach corners, crevices, and uneven brushwork. In particular, it is more suitable for small office buildings with many air-conditioning fire-fighting pipes. Roller brushes are difficult to construct.