Sprayer maintenance method

- May 04, 2018-

1, spray line spray room maintenance. If the air supply system of the spray cabinet is clogged or there is too much dust, the air filter cotton must be replaced. After three days, the clean oil filter system behind the spray cabinet needs to be opened. At the same time, it is also necessary to clean the oil of the conveyor chain from time to time and add butter.

2, oil supply system maintenance. When the sprayer is finished, it is necessary to shut down the paint backflow valve to make the paint flow back to the ink tank. Take out the ink tank, then pour the clean solvent into the mixing tank and start the oil pump. Open the return valve and the spray gun to the maximum to allow the cleaning solvent in the tubing. Circulate and clean the spray gun and oil pump. Because of the high precision of the pump and spray gun, do not dismantle it when cleaning to avoid damage.

3、After one week or 50 hours of operation, the joints of the mortar, cylinder and cup shall be inspected, the tightness of the belt at the transmission, the firmness and tightness of the joint, the appearance of the pump, and the application of lean engine oil. Dirty adhesion.

4. The main components such as clutch, recirculation unloading valve, reducer, and air compressor should be checked regularly according to their requirements. If there is wear, damage, should be adjusted and replaced.

5, mortar mixer and mortar joint machine before refueling should wipe oil and oil hole dirt.