Airless Sprayer Features

- May 04, 2018-

High efficiency 1. Paint roller brush is slightly higher than the hand brush, but lower; Efficiency is higher than manual

The air is mixed in the atomization point of the coating, and the coating molecules are further refined. The paint film surface is not smooth; brush marks and spots. 2. The coating contains air molecules that make the paint fly away, causing serious environmental pollution. The coating molecules contain no air and fly less

After the paint is sprayed out, air is mixed into the paint, no scattering occurs, and the surface is smoother. 3. Roller brush processing surface is more difficult 3. Loss of paint 3. Pressurized spray, adhesion, strong penetration

Film thickness is uniform and delicate. 4. The paint film is thin, and it can be sprayed many times to reach the thickness to be sprayed. According to different requirements, replace the nozzle, achieve the required film thickness at one time, and the coating is even and delicate

The spray distance is 0.3-2 meters away from the surface of the object. Paint spray is less spatter. It has no effect on the oil worker's eyesight and body. No distance from the surface of the object is 0.1-0.15 meters. Paint mist splashes heavily. Even if gas masks and protective clothing are worn, the oil visual acuity and Physical effects are greater. 0.3-2 meters from the surface of the object, paint splashes less, no impact on oil workers vision and body.

Coating transfer rate 85% 90% or above 40% or so 70%

Pollution conditions Environmental protection, light pollution Coatings are not atomized, non-polluting Use of high pressure air atomization, pollution is serious Pollution is less