Mixer Use Safety Matters Two

- May 04, 2018-

5. After starting the machine, always pay attention to whether the components of the mixer are operating normally. When shutting down, always check whether the blades of the mixer are bent and whether the screws are loose or loose.

6. When the concrete is stirred or it is expected to stop for more than 1 hour, except that the remaining material is discharged from the net, pour the stones and clear water into the shaking cylinder, turn on the power and unload all the mortar stuck on the cylinder. There must be no water in the barrel to prevent the barrel and blades from rusting. At the same time, the dust in the mixer drum should be cleaned to keep the machine clean and in good condition.

7. After off-duty and when it is not in use, it is necessary to power off and lock the switch box to ensure safety.